Shared mailboxes for collaborating on all apps

Your team can now collaborate on emails and all apps from one shared inbox, and save big on time (and money)
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Connect your apps

Select the apps your team uses regularly, and personalize each integration to create custom workflows

Organize your projects

Create custom feeds for each workflow or project by using comprehensive filters

Get work done!

Take the necessary action on each feed item. You can also star, archive, assign or mark it done!
Customer Support

Shared inbox for emails & all apps

  • Help your customers faster with shared emails + all data in one place
  • Collaborate quickly with your team, real time and with context
  • Instantly get a single view of every customer, across all apps
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Marketing and Sales

Save time and costs in team collaboration

  • Access a shared inbox to make sales decisions faster
  • Get a single view of your customer or lead, across apps
  • Search across all your apps from one place
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Unify data views across apps

  • Make user-centric decisions faster and easier
  • Get a 360° view of the customer
  • Build data-driven products
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Streamline DevOps busting silos

  • Triage faster with all data in one place, for the entire team
  • Never lose track of important notices
  • Easily access a single view of any identity
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Easier, faster and streamlined team collaboration

Triage all your inboxes and apps in one place, rather than hopping from app to app
Collaborate easily with other teams, without paying for additional seats for every app
Share any feed item with anyone. Just like you share a Google Doc.
Instantly invite anyone (even non-eFeed users) to collaborate, using comments

Custom feeds

Quickly create custom feeds for every project by connecting unique apps for each project
Use comprehensive filters to only see what you need to see for that project
Select a custom view for each project, because every project is unique. Views include board, calendar, list, gallery and more.
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Search across all your apps, from one place. You no longer have to remember where to look for a particular document or update.

Find what you need, when you need it
Overcome information silos
Search through everything with our deep search


Get a 360° view of any identity that's pulled into our system, from all of your integrations. For every team.

Unified view of data across apps
Single view of the customer
Triage faster, with context
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Create the dashboard you imagined

Get a high-level overview of all connected apps in the data-driven dashboard
Work with context as you view your individual and team stats in one place
Iterate fast with no-code customization

Instantly connect all your favourite tools in one place

Customize your workflow with your everyday apps, and save at least 1 hour a day navigating from app to app

Trust & Security

We follow industry best practices to ensure all your data is secure with us.
SSO-enabled identity and device management
Data protection and governance — you control your data
Industry best practices for encryption and token management

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