Action with context. Get a 360° view of any identity that's pulled into our system, from all of your integrations.

Streamline your decision-making

Get a single view of any customer or entity, across all apps

Get context

Get all the context you need from one place, without switching apps or tabs

Take micro-actions instantly

Take quick actions such as replying to messages or marking tasks done, then and there

Integrated actions

Take action and get to Inbox Zero within our flexi-feed

Send replies

Take quick actions like replying to emails then and there.

Leave comments

Leave comments or likes for yourself or your team mates.

Organize with tags

Use tags to label to organize and streamline updates from all apps.


Star important updates or save them for later.


Archive items you don't want to think about.

Mark done

Mark tasks done, and get to Inbox Zero across all apps!

Easier, faster and streamlined team collaboration

Triage all your inboxes and apps in one place, rather than hopping from app to app
Collaborate easily with other teams, without paying for additional seats for every app
Share any feed item with anyone. Just like you share a Google Doc.
Instantly invite anyone (even non-eFeed users) to collaborate, using comments

Get a personalized demo of the product

Our interactive demo allows you to play with the product right away!
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