3 ways a shared inbox with Gmail can save your sales team hours everyday

Do you feel that your small sales team lacks the right tools to be more efficient, and save time? Do most of the common tools feel intimidating, or too expensive? We felt the same, and decided to change that.

Isn't it true that the smaller a sales team is, the more efficient and co-dependent they need to be? For small teams, every hour counts, and continuous collaboration is key to driving results and closing deals. No matter how scrappy the process is, as long as deals close, sales teams are seen as the powerful magicians who drive growth.

At the risk of sounding predictable, we must follow this statement with another one — with great power comes great responsibility. For sales teams, this means ambitious (and hence stressful) OKRs and goals to be chased every quarter.

And of course, such responsibility also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the most common challenges most Sales teams face today, is not being able to find and instantly collaborate on the right info at the right time. This is because there’s too much data scattered across too many sources. As a result, deals slow down, and your team feels overwhelmed.

The good news is that we're here to talk about a solution that saves each team member at least 1 hour/day navigating from app to app.
eFeed’s shared inbox allows your team to take action faster, accelerating your sales cycle and delighting your prospects. Here are 3 ways in which you can achieve this:
  1. Triage across email (Gmail integration available for now) + other apps from one place, in a shared team inbox
  2. Collaborate with teammates from any team, or even outside your company
  3. Search across all apps from one place

Test it out for yourself or your team, for free! Book a demo now.

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