Bring process to your flow

As we begin rolling out the first set of secret codes for our private beta, we would love to share one of our key learnings with our wider community.

This is about focus, and how challenging it can be to bring focus to work during such tumultuous times in the world. However, we have also discovered that it is not impossible. Special situations do require creative problem-solving, and we want to share the solution we came up with.

We began by asking ourselves — what if there was a tool that enabled us to catch up on all major work updates from one place? All within 15 mins, as we sip on our morning coffee, just as we start our day?

That is how eFeed was born. A tool that fits perfectly with your morning coffee routine. Where you can triage your work from a unified, prioritized and focused work feed in 15 minutes or less.

As we spoke with several tech founders and leaders while we built our app, it became obvious to us that it wasn't just us who would love such a tool. Tech is a demanding world to be in, and optimizing your time and focus ends up being a big differentiator between the good and the great.

28% of annual hours are lost in knowledge work due to distractions

And that's when we realized, that it is indeed possible to bring process to your flow.

Here are our steps

  1. Sit with your morning cup of coffee
  2. Open eFeed on your laptop or smartphone
  3. Scan through the major updates for the day, all in one place, without any distractions
  4. Take the necessary quick action, or simply save for later
  5. Begin your deep work, or get into meetings, with a sense of clarity and focus


  • Put in the 15 minutes, and get set for the day
  • Get things done: do more by having crystal clear focus
  • Free up more time for focused, deep work

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