How homeschooling parents can get back their time

The modern education model is unbarred by the constraints of the conventional classroom. Homeschooling has paved the way for innovation in education and redefined the way in which children should be taught — to shape a future of creators, change-makers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.
90% of children use digital learning materials at home and two-thirds start by the age of 5. — Deloitte (2016)

Outside of just teaching, most parents have a multitude of daily responsibilities to juggle throughout the day. This is in addition to the homeschooling duties of planning lessons, grading assignments and other admin tasks. Unlike conventional ‘classroom educators’, the work of homeschool parents is not officially time regulated — and the asynchronous nature of the work, interspersed with daily tasks, can induce a form of ‘burnout’. The chronic stress associated with burnout can reduce the effectiveness of parents as educators, and can even harm the progress of the student.

The lack of boundaries between work and personal life can exacerbate stress. Switching frequently between an emotional and more authoritative relationship with children can also be emotionally draining. Although the role of fathers in housework and child care has improved over the years, the reality is that mothers still bear the burden of most household labour, and often take on the role of teaching in the homeschooling arrangement.

78% of of moms who live with male co-parents say they are managing the majority of their kids’ online learning during the pandemic — ParentsTogether (May, 2020)

As new home educators assimilate to online teaching and the balance of work and personal life, the overload of educational tools and materials can cause some parents or care givers to feel overwhelmed and stressed. The constant distractions of home, children and technology can give rise to excessive context switching, a lack of focus and an overall reduction in productive hours during the day. Additionally, with the edtech tools available today, parents who homeschool have a new role in understanding technologies. This involves dealing with the updates, alerts and information that come with them — as a result, their workspace has become saturated by multi-tasking, needless complexity and significant information overload.

For students and parents alike, work which is fragmented by interruptions can also reduce creativity, and cycling through different applications and tools can reduce overall retention of information throughout the day.

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