How we can help solve information overload at work

As we continue scoping out the scale of the problem of information overload at work, we are realizing how vast it is. For us, it started from our careers in tech. But as we spoke with more people, looked around, we saw how the increasingly tech-heavy lives are dependent on the innate need to use multiple apps.

To help cope with this inevitable reality, and make lives a little easier with more time for real work or play, we came up with the idea of eFeed.

Our big, breakthrough idea is to bring updates from all apps one regularly uses into one feed.

This means you don't have to go jumping from app to app to catch up on updates or take the necessary actions. Instead of going to them to track them down, they come to you, but on your terms. eFeed will allow you to dictate terms such as:

  • Choose the apps and the type of updates you want to see from each app. E. g. only DMs from Slack, or "Triaged" bugs from GitHub.
  • Save, prioritize, and respond to updates from different apps in once place. Do more in less time.
  • Choose the workspaces you want to connect from each app.

Along with this, 100% uptime and real-time updates, makes sure you're always caught-up.


  • Minimal app-switching
  • Cleaner inbox
  • Decreased information overload
  • Less cognitive burden
  • Better perspective on functions across apps
  • And of course, more time.

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