Shared inbox: How your team can collaborate on emails and any app from one place

Have you been using increasingly expensive tools like Front to triage emails with your team? With eFeed, you can now not only triage emails in a shared team inbox, but also collaborate on all updates from any of your connected apps!

  • Save big by using our integrated feed to triage your emails with your teammates.
  • Go beyond email*. Collaborate on updates from all your work apps in one place.
  • Collaborate quickly with your team in situ, and help customers faster.
  • Collaborate with teammates from any team, or even outside your company. Just like you do in Google Docs.
  • Your entire team gets full context instantly, without having to jump from app to app.
  • Share permissions easily, but only with those who need it.

With eFeed, bring all your team's apps into a shared inbox. Your own team feed!

*Our current email integration is with Gmail, and other services are available via Zapier.

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