How to leverage your business data better

The last decade of rapid digitization has generated more data than the world has ever seen before. Today, intelligent data is integrated in almost everything we do — businesses leverage data to improve services, agility and internal processes. However, in order to thrive in a data-based world, businesses need to be adaptive and learn to make data-driven decisions.

According to IDC, in 2010 the world created around 2 zettabytes (ZB) of digital information. The World Economic Forum estimates that there will be 44 ZB collected by 2020. — Forbes (May 2020)

Software, tools and devices have transformed the digital landscape and digital technologies have enabled work, education, medical help and grocery shopping to be done from the comfort of our homes. As the modern workspace evolves rapidly, newer problem spaces — and solution spaces — are emerging. However, the legacy of digital data and tools available today has driven individuals and businesses to an information overload. The constant switching of context can disrupt workflows and ultimately kill productivity in the modern workplace. Additionally, businesses which are unable to effectively extract useful information from raw data can suffer inefficiencies or an inability to respond to trends and changes in the market.

A survey by Deloitte states that 49% of respondents consider analytics to be a key factor in better decision-making. 16% say that data enables better strategic initiatives, and 10% say it allows them to improve relationships with customers and business partners.

A unified feed for all business updates

eFeed's data-based dashboard gives you a high-level view of all major updates across your work apps.

Track performance

Whether it is marketing efforts, sales funnels or customer service, there are a multitude of apps and tools that a business might use across all functions or departments. By integrating these applications to a singular feed, a business leader or founder can triage and track faster with all their data in one place.

Understand your customers better

Our Omniview is the perfect complement to your CRM or analytics tools, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Tableau or Amplitude. It intelligently curates and unifies all data sources related to an entity — such as a customer/deal/PR — providing a rich 360 or single view instantly.

Such data can provide valuable insights and is essential in understanding consumer behaviour and demographic trends. Most marketers will need to use this data and CRM software to track their performance and uncover insights to improve sales. eFeed gives you a highly-personalized and real time feed to unify customer data across all touchpoints, and target your campaigns accordingly.

Make decisions faster

When data is spread across departments, tools and applications, key information is lost and businesses become less reactive to changes in consumer behaviour and market trends. A simplified interface like eFeed allows you to check-in as needed while staying up-to-date with crucial updates so that you get sent off in the right direction to get your work done. All of this, without having to waste more time and energy on incorporating another complex tool into your workflow — eFeed fits seamlessly above your existing apps.

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