Omniview: How user testing led us to create one of our most powerful features

When the results of user testing can be as impactful as inspiring an entirely new feature in the product, we can't seem to stop doing it. During these early days, we can't emphasize strongly enough how important this process has been in shaping our product.

We believe there is a real information overload problem in tech today, and in the world in general, and we are here to solve that. Data is scattered across too many apps, and although having a specialized tool for every problem is great, each tool comes with its own baggage. We want to help you cope with this, by adding a lightweight top layer above your existing tools, to unify them and make them actionable within one, simple yet secure and powerful "work feed".

But the feature we want to focus on for now is the Omniview. In the days when there's a trend to make the product as complex and aggregated as possible think ClickUp), we are going towards lean. The Omniview is one of the 3 main features within the product, which also consists of a dashboard and the feed.

How and why the Omniview was born

With a product that's pulling in data from multiple sources, eFeed is indeed data-heavy. Within the main feed, we see updates from multiple app sources, making it a very rich source of information, and a single source of truth across their work, for many users. With detailed feedback loops from our testers, we realized the potential of this data, and how how we can build on top of it to make it even more powerful and impactful.

The Omniview is one such feature that came out of various tests and conversations. It intelligently curates and unifies all data sources related to an entity — such as a customer/deal/PR — providing a rich 360 or single view instantly.

Some of the main benefits

Streamline your decision-making: Get a single view of any customer or entity, across all apps

Get context: Get all the context you need from one place, without switching apps or tabs

Take micro-actions instantly: Take quick actions such as replying to messages or marking tasks done, then and there

What does this mean for different teams?

Here are some examples:

Product: Unified view of data across apps

Marketing & Sales: Single view of customer

Engineering: Triage faster, with context

Our Omniview is the perfect complement to your CRM or analytics tools, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Tableau or Amplitude.

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