SaaS overload: the good and the bad

Over the past decade, we have seen SaaS (software-as-a-service) products penetrate industries ranging from professional services to manufacturing. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated SaaS adoption, as businesses worldwide deployed digital solutions in their remote working efforts. Today we see businesses across the spectrum recognising their inefficiencies, many of which were exacerbated by the pandemic, and putting systems in place to rectify them.

Businesses rely on a multitude of apps for performing function-specific and niche tasks, whether it is storing files, building reports, or sending emails. Project management and collaboration tools like Asana, Slack and Trello have paved the way in cloud-based productivity software. While these new technologies might increase speed and efficiency for organisations, they also make it harder for people to disconnect themselves at the end of the day, increasing the chances for burnout. Hence, we must consider the individual cost of the app explosion we see happening today.

Time lost in navigation is also hamstringing businesses, with 73% of companies stating they spend more than one hour per day on average navigating from app to app. — Mavelink (April, 2019)

Workers across industries are being overwhelmed by workspace tools and apps which scatter their work across multiple platforms and make it difficult to manage workload. Although these tools make operations more efficient, individuals often bear the costs of these systems. It is essential to remember that each individual — whether it is a CEO or an employee — has their own priorities and methods of staying organised and in control. Team-based tools may make it difficult for individuals to keep track of their progress, and ultimately, lose sight of personal goals.

Tools are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. Choosing the right apps means finding ones that empower you to do deliberate and meaningful work. When your work is scattered, it's difficult to know where to start — but it is still possible to stay organised. Here's one way.

eFeed: a layer above your SaaS tools

You don't need another tool in your stack. Without the need for removing or replacing any existing apps in your ecosystem, we give you a powerful and actionable tool which gives you granular control over all your workspace notifications.

eFeed is optimized for:

  • Focus: Filter out distractions + prioritize better with our machine learning algorithms as they show you only the most important updates
  • Speed: Recognize business trends and make decisions faster by seeing all crucial updates from different sources in one place, without context switching
  • Action: Be more productive and get more tasks done, as our simple, unified workspace shows you all there is to be done in one place.

Check out our website here to find out more.

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